Storm Code Red Bowlingklot
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Storm Code Red


Funkar bra på medium till mycket oljade banor.

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Funkar bra på medium till mycket oljade banor.

The Code Red is the follow-up to the Code Black in the Premier line for Storm. This ball uses the same RAD4 asymmetrical core shape as the Code Black, but this time it is paired up with the R2S Hybrid coverstock—the same coverstock used on Storm’s legendary Hy-Road bowling ball. The only difference between the Code Black and Code Red is the change from R2S Pearl to R2S Hybrid. With the same 1500 grit polished factory finish and the same weight block, these two balls have similar motions going down the lane, but the R2S Hybrid on the Code Red provides a little more traction in the oil than the R2S Pearl cover on the Code Black.

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